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This election is about our future; About looking at Innovation and new ideas to advance our city, to work with the region, as we can’t do it alone, and create an abundance of opportunity for all citizens so our children can inherit a great community in which to stay and grow.

On October 22, 2018 vote for a brighter future. VOTE WILLIAMS.

Ryan Williams

Innovative City

Belleville needs a strategy that embraces and grows innovation - bringing new jobs to the city and accelerating rural innovation.

Ryan Williams

Regional Leadership

Belleville needs to be a leader in shaping our region. We have incredible neighbours, each with their own strengths. With more collaboration, we can grow, together.

Ryan Williams

Abundance of Opportunity For All

We continue to see high poverty rates in the region. We need to spend equal time on housing, transit, and food insecurity to improve the quality of life for all.


An era has ended, a new one awaits.

We have seen the completion of a 12-year plan started by Mayor Neil Ellis, and continued with Mayor Christopher that saw Build Belleville, the Police Station, the Casino, and the Belleville Sens come to Belleville.

We need a new 12-year strategy developed that looks to what Belleville will be in 12 years. This strategy needs to include:

A focus on innovation, bringing new jobs to the city and growing our local entreprenures.

A stronger voice in the region to help shape the way our region grows and better collaboration with our neighbours.

Working together to build a more inclusive community where everyone can prosper.

I know what it takes to keep building and growing innovation and entrepreneurs in Belleville and Bay of Quinte.

I have helped define the vision for groups such as Bay of Quinte Living and QuinteVation and I’m excited to see where we can go with innovation, new jobs, collaboration, and the future with Belleville City Council."

Experienced Leadership

Ryan is a proud family man, whose roots are embedded in the region. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce with honours from Guelph University, Ryan moved "back home" to become Vice President of Williams Hotels and set up a life for himself and his family in our city.

Ryan has been working hard for the Bay of Quinte Region for the past 14 years, most recently the Founder and board chair of QuinteVation, President of Bay of Quinte Tourism, Founder of the Bay of Quinte Living Council and the Quinte Restaurant Association, 6 years as a director on the Belleville Chamber of Commerce, Involved with Big Brothers and Sisters of Hastings Prince Edward, Camp Quin-Mo-Lac, BGH Foundation and more.

He is a VIQ Business Volunteer of the Year recipient, a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow, and a Canada 150 Community Recipient.

I love this city and the Bay of Quinte Region. Allyson and I both want our children to have great opportunities here when they grow up. We want to help create a city and region that will be a place they and others are proud to call home."

The Williams Family

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