I Believe in the Bay of Quinte

The following is Ryan’s speech from the Go Forward Launch.  You can buy a membership and support him now at https://votewilliams.ca

Good afternoon my fellow Bay of Quinte Community Members.

My name is Ryan Williams and I believe in the Bay of Quinte Region – and I believe in ‘Us’

I don’t this is much of a surprise to anyone here. And I know first hand and am confident YOU too share my beliefs.

This incredible region has so much potential, from its historic significance, it’s awe-inspiring landscapes and waterways, our Prince Edward County wineries, our chocolate, beaches, breweries, cheese, golf, fishing and art and culture.

But what made me Love the Bay of Quinte is its people.

The people of the Bay of Quinte are kind, generous, welcoming, diverse, and come from a wide range of backgrounds and interests.  You as our community represent the Canadian Military, have formed community AND faith-based organizations that donate so much back to the community – more, I believe than any other community per capita in our Country.

Our community loves and is loyal to our Trenton Golden Hawks, Wellington Dukes, and Belleville Sens.  And our community from each municipality have different and unique needs – You are the people that I have listened to and spent time with, so I could understand your concerns and struggles.

I’ve been working hard, over the past 16 years, on moving the Bay of Quinte Forward – and building a future for those that live here, and those that chose this beautiful place as their home.

Throughout my endeavors, I have always put the region first, and have strived for collaboration in what I see is natural within the municipalities that make up this great region and riding.  I’ve done this with the credo:

If you want to fast – go alone – but if you want to go far – go together. I want to work with you, to help build a stronger ‘us’, a stronger Bay of Quinte Region.

I am proud to say I have become a husband, partner, and parent to 4 wonderful children these past years.  My partner in life, Ally Williams, is always there to ensure that I am grounded and that I understand that our future depends on what we do, and how we do it today.  This especially important role has solidified my commitment to building a better sustainable future. I am lucky to have so many great women in my life – an incredibly loving mother – and supportive grandmother!

I have put the time in, possess the attributes of integrity and tenacity, and community involvement, and have developed the skills needed to be able to take the helm as the region’s top ambassador in Ottawa.

And I’ve done so alongside an incredible example in leadership from my father, the late John Williams, who taught me an absolute Get-Er-Done attitude and exemplary integrity.  Today we sit at the Trent Port Marina, an example of his tenacious will – the result of what it takes when leadership meets hard work, and a strong will from Council and the provincial and federal governments in action.

I bring that inherent tenacity and integrity to the table each and every day – the ability, no matter how large or how small, to get the job done.

The community has seen that, whether that was leading and building the Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board, including years now of being declared one of Canada’s top retirement destinations, to  QuinteVation’s ability to draw the country to the region for Canada’s first Rural Innovation Summit, or to Belleville’s Pop-Ups, I have proven that I have the leadership required to help lead Bay of Quinte’s way forward.

But most importantly, it has been my father and my involvement with our municipal councils as well as many of our community organizations that make up the heartbeat of this great region – BGH and TMF, Hospice Quinte, Gleaners, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, The Trenton Military Resource Centre, Rotary, and so many more, that I think gives me the most experience in our region;

Because you need to spend time with and learn exactly what each municipality and what each community organization in this region needs – before you can begin to bring what the region needs – to Ottawa.

We need strong leadership that looks at new ways to tackle and grow out of this pandemic, to help many people and organizations who are struggling each and every day.

Fellow members of the Bay of Quinte Region – I am here today to announce my intention to become a nominee for the Conservative Party of Bay of Quinte.  I am running to be the nominee and then to become your Member of Parliament of the great Bay of Quinte Riding – Not because I feel I can begin to – but because I can continue to fight hard to build the Bay of Quinte for the future of this great region for all that live here – and I do mean all!

For 16 years, I have fought for Bay of Quinte regional attraction; for 16 years, I have fought for immigration, skilled trades, for Quinte Homebuilders and Realtors and a region not just for retirees but young people, making our region strong; for 16 years, I have worked as a businessman in the region, taking part of the community and community organizational fabric of this region; and for 16 years, I have been fighting for regional rural entrepreneurs, small business, and a champion for municipal economic development from pop-ups to municipal strategies for growth.

I promise, if nominated as your candidate from the Conservative Party for the Bay of Quinte to utilize all of my tenacity, all of my experience, and all of my proven integrity to represent you in Ottawa to the best of my ability. I worked hard as a rookie councillor and topped the polls in Belleville, I will work hard to top the polls in Bay of Quinte!

I want to lead you as a MP for a Conservative Party that believes in many of the same principals I do – That each region in Canada can do better, that we need to build a nation that builds up economic development, entrepreneurship, and that those that work hard should be rewarded; That we can do that, but must do it with respect to our public dime, protecting our grandchildren’s inheritance, and protecting the earth that is also ultimately theirs.  That we need to take care of all of our citizens, especially our most vulnerable; and that our diversity is our strength!

That we need to ensure a strong military to continue to work to ensure Canada is at the forefront of protecting liberty; And that all Canadians should find a safety-net in times of need.

And importantly, as As Erin O’Toole said last week:  All Canadians regardless of their skin colour, heritage, religious values and sexual orientation are an important part of Canada and have a home in the Conservative Party of Canada

Fellow members of the Bay of Quinte Region – Let’s build a future in the Bay of Quinte we can be proud of.  I’m asking for your support, and your vote, as I look to continue my desire to build the Bay of Quinte Region for everyone!

Let’s move Bay of Quinte Forward!

We will need volunteers, we need you, if you believe what I do, to buy a Conservative Membership so you can vote in the Nomination. Memberships have to be purchased 21 days before voting day but don’t delay and buy today!!   You can do so and see more of me at VoteWilliams.ca!;

Ally and I look forward to talking and social distance connecting with so many of you, our community, in the weeks to come!

Vote Williams and Let’s Move Bay of Quinte Forward!


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